Strange Alabama Co-Founder Beverly Crider‘s first two books from History Press are available on Amazon and in bookstores!


Lost Birmingham is Beverly’s first book:

Birmingham has many notable historic landmarks today, but so many more are all but forgotten. The Bangor Cave Casino was once a world-renowned speakeasy. The Thomas Jefferson Hotel featured a zeppelin mooring station, drawing lots of attention from tourists. Other significant sites from the past, such as Hillman Hospital and the buildings on the “Heaviest Corner on Earth,” are unknown even to natives now. Local author Beverly Crider presents an intriguing and educational tour through these and more hidden treasures.

Legends and Lore Cover

Legends and Lore of Birmingham & Central Alabama delves further and deeper into Alabama’s quaint, curious, and forgotten lore!

From Jasper to Selma to Hoover, central Alabama is bursting at the seams with unique stories and legendary characters. Read about the Goat Man, the famous wandering traveler who wrestled a bear, narrowly avoided being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan, was pronounced dead and taken to the morgue and later became an ordained preacher. Learn the story of the Alabama White Thang, a seven-foot-tall creature covered in white hair that has appeared all over the region. Be charmed by Fred, the Rockford town dog that became everyone’s best friend and had his fifteen minutes of fame on Animal Planet. Author Beverly Crider brings the most bizarre facets of the Alabama spirit to life with dozens of strange stories in central Alabama.

Travel Guide Covers

In 2015, Kyle and Beverly Crider published two travel guides to help you navigate the wilds of Strange Alabama! You may purchase them via Gumroad:

Strange Alabama Travel Guide Vol. 1 No. 1

Our August 2015 debut issue of quaint, curious, and forgotten lore of Alabama features Bass Cemetery, “Gear Man” and Junkasaurus, the Gaines Ridge Haunting, an exclusive tale of Bangor Cave from Beverly Crider’s “Lost Birmingham” (History Press, 2013), and much more!

Strange Alabama Travel Guide Vol. 1 No. 2 – Special Halloween Issue

Strange Alabama’s Special Halloween 2015 Issue! Stories and photos from haunted and haunting locations across Alabama include “All Hallows in Old Alabama,” Bear Creek Swamp, the “Witch’s Grave” of Cragford Cemetery, Selma’s Haunted St. James Hotel, Huntsville’s Dead Children’s Playground, and “Ghosts of the Ghost Fleet” in Bay Minette. Includes three excerpts from Beverly Crider’s “Lost Birmingham” and “Legends and Lore of Birmingham and Central Alabama” books, published by History Press!